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One of the most common ways to increase the profit margin in any business is to reduce the costs involved in the production and delivering a product or a service. This is no exception to the MICE industry. In fact, it’s very important when you are working within a budget or have been hired and […]
business trip to kenya
Planning a business trip to Kenya anytime soon? Your trip doesn’t always have to be stressful and one way to make that happen is to  try and summarize all you need to get going. We have even done that for you and compressed the list to six categories. Legendary business travelers have emphasized that the […]
Upcoming events in Kenya
  Finding upcoming events in Kenya or anywhere around the world is quite simple than many people would imagine. You just need to have the right tools and sources to get the best out of your free time. Whether it’s a weekend and you want to have a good time or it’s your off-day but […]
A great conference
There are no specific metrics that can tell us to what extent a conference was either a success or a failure. This is because people have different perceptions, expectations, and preferences as they attend or plan to attend a specific conference. A conference could have been nice to one person but to another person, a […]
event planning in Kenya
Any event planner can attest to the fact that event planning is not as easy as it may sound sometimes.There is so much that happens behind the scenes trying to connect the dots to ensure that the event runs smoothly. Anything could go wrong before, during and even after the event and that’s why event […]
meetings fun and super productive
Whereas there isn’t a guaranteed way to make your meetings fun and super productive, we have tried to brainstorm some ideas that will surely improve the level of engagement for your events and conferences. There are so many factors to be considered like the type of the audience or the nature of the meeting and […]
meeting room setup
After successful research and consultations, you have finally found the  perfect venue for your meeting. Now, its time to decide the meeting room setup style that will be convenient to your type of event. Here is how to decide. First of all, the layout and the table setup of a meeting room are as important as […]
Conference Venues in Kenya
Golden Tulip Hotel, Westlands We all know how planning for and organizing an event can be an overwhelming adventure. This is especially when the client’s demands are “way too much” and detailed at that. As a matter of fact this gets more hectic when organizing a complex event that involves people from different backgrounds, cultures […]