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Conference Venues in Kenya

12 Tips on How to Find the Perfect Conference Venues in Kenya.

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We all know how planning for and organizing an event can be an overwhelming adventure. This is especially when the client’s demands are “way too much” and detailed at that.

As a matter of fact this gets more hectic when organizing a complex event that involves people from different backgrounds, cultures and those with special requirements.

Luckily, there is  a way to make it easier than it sounds. Better yet,you can be able to decide from a variety of choices and compare the prices using your PC or your smartphone. has come up with the easiest way to find you the perfect conference venues in Kenya.

Before the conference;

You need to do a re-evaluation of what your conference needs before you even think about the venue. Consider the budget, number of attendees, type of event and event requirements and this will act the key guidelines to apply the following tips:

1.Facilities & Amenities 

Best western Hotel conference Best Western Premier Hotel

Imagine you are in a conference but can’t find a place to plug in your laptop and you have a presentation in waiting. Worse still, a place to plug in your phone charger?

A simple item like a pen could mean a great deal of service to your clients. Choose a venue that has a provision for those amenities in their package even if it means paying a little extra costs. Support equipment range from simple items like a projector, a notebook to facilities for people with disabilities. Evaluate your event and choose a venue that can easily provide for these without stretching so much.

2.Is the venue accessible?

It doesn’t make a lot of sense booking a conference venue in Kenya to a place that will consume half of your time trying to get there. Either due to bad transport channels and means or long distances, the meeting will be bound to a lot challenges.  Location is key while getting to a venue. A good venue should be easily accessible from any important location like an airport or a city for that matter.

featured image3.Costs/Budget dynamics.

Prior to thinking about a venue a draft budget is one of the key things that you should considers. Therefore through a well thought out criteria, you should eliminate those meeting venues that fall way too far outside the set budget because that is simply un-affordable. It’s not rocket science that a perfect venue should be within the budget but able to meet the attendees expectations.

4.How  is the venue suitable to your type of event.

A perfect venue should always should definitely match up with the type of the event. Most corporate conferences demand professionalism and lots of formalities. This is very important since you will be dealing with respectable people. If the goal is to match business with a little pleasure, then a venue by the beach is a great idea. This also includes finding out whether there are other clashing events around your venue.

5.Capacity vs Number of attendees.

Capacity vs number of attendes

It is not exactly the greatest idea to choose a venue that is bigger than the number of estimated attendees, worse still, choosing a venue that could be too small to accommodate all the attendees is a disaster. Always make sure that you give yours number an allowance so as to cater for a few excess or less. Simply “don’t book more for less or less for more, it will hurt everyone’s expectations.”

6.Security is paramount

There is no better way to emphasize on this. A conference venue in Kenya may be good in most aspects but if it doesn’t assure security, then it’s a no go zone. In an region where security has been considered an international issue, this is a very sensitive case for your conference and it could be a benefit or a disadvantage for your future plans.

7.Ambiance and decor 

Enashipai Resort conference venue Enashipai Resort and Spa,Naivasha

Especially for the indoor conferences. The interior atmosphere might not seem to matter much especially when it’s done right because clients nowadays assume this is a must have for any conference. But it could be a great distraction for the attendees if the room or the environment looks shady or poorly done.

8.The Staff

Choose a venue where the staff literally anticipate the needs of their guests regardless of which services they want. Make sure there is enough support staff, security and even the service staff  and the best way to do this is to do enough research before you book a venue. That is why at we have managed to gather all the details and  information you need to help you do enough research before booking any venue. 

bed room- accomodation Maji Beach Botique Hotel

9.Consider your accommodation needs 

It might be a good venue for your conference or seminar if it’s for one day, but it’s most certainly not a perfect one if it can’t cater for your accommodation needs for a few days conference.
A venue would be perfect if it can cater for the accommodation, food and drinks especially for conferences of more than one day.

10.Parking space

Currently, the number of car owners in Kenya is rapidly increasing. This is exactly why you need to consider a parking space as you book your conference venue. It sends a bad message to your guests if they are forced to park their cars outside the property where the meeting is being held. Most hotels will actually include the capacity of their parking lots in the details and you can easily verify that as you navigate through the individual properties in our  website.

11.Food and beverage needs

Food is importantConcentration and memory is usually good after a meal. And this is exactly what you need for your guests. Most hotels in Kenya include a meal package that caters for 10 0’clock tea,lunch buffet and evening tea with snacks and this is good enough if you want a successful conference. The only thing left is to balance the quality of food while carefully sticking to your budget to avoid discrepancies during the post evaluation of your conference.


Serena Hotel Nairobi TheaterThis might seem like  a new term but it not.   Whova a company that designs apps for events describes acoustics as ‘how sound travels through the venue. A low ceiling will make the venue seem cozy, but it will make it louder if it’s packed. Alternatively, a large warehouse-style venue will result in echoes, or what architects refer to as “reverberation”

After conference evaluation;

Most people forget this part because it’s so common that if the attendees were presumably satisfied then it is all and good. But a great conference planner doesn’t stop there. We know the behind the scenes challenges and struggle to connect the dots. This is what you need to evaluate so as to know how to deal with such in future, how to improve the quality or whether the venue was satisfactory enough to establish a long term relationship.


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